C. Douzinas, S, Horvat, J. Roos, M. Tsomou: Is it time for the left to abandon the EU?

Journalist Owen Jones recently asked whether it is time for the left to abandon the EU. In this episode of #TalkReal, four guests discuss the question.

Syriza’s strategy to end austerity within the Eurozone has failed. What does this mean for the future of the Greek left and the anti-austerity movement in Europe

In the past weeks, the masks have really fallen: the structures and legitimacy of the Eurozone are now thoroughly broken. Has the time come for the left to abandon the single currency, or even the EU? And what role are grassroots movements to play in the reconstruction of a radical transnational project against austerity and for a democratic and socially just Europe?

These are some of the questions discussed in this episode of #TalkReal, recorded in Athens during the GCAS World Conference, Democracy Rising. Featuring: Costas Douzinas, acclaimed Greek intellectual close to Syriza; Margarita Tsomou, Greek performer and commentator based in Berlin; Jerome Roos, writer and founder of ROAR Magazine; and Srecko Horvat, Croatian philosopher and member of the board of European Alternatives. Host: Lorenzo Marsili, director of European Alternatives.

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